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20th October 2000

Email to Japan

Six girls out of Miss Whan's class where chosen to do an email project with 6 girls from Japan. The girl's from Miss Whan's are Laura Norris; Nicola Harrington; Mairead Aherne, Julie Callery, Elizabeth Fagan, and Audry Stynes. The former language teacher Miss Killea who went to Japan has asked Mr Walsh for his permission to do this .We are getting our pictures taken around the school .We are filling a scrap book about us and Ireland and we are putting a present in for them .Miss Killea will take it back to Japan next week. Hopefully this will last the year. We will send an email to them in school
Nicola Harrington Laura Norris

Scouts Hostel Weekend

The 11th Springfield, Tallaght are going on a hostel weekend .There will be indoor games and outdoor games. We will go on a 3 hour hike.We will learn different kinds of knots and learn how to use a map and a compass.We will go on Friday afternoon and come back on Sunday night. We get up at seven and come back at three. Wish good luck on the hostel.
Keith Ryan

St. Marks Gaelic Team

St. Marks school Gaelic team were playing St. Melruans on the 5 of October.We drew 5_7 to 5_7. We played very good. It was tough match for us. We were very happy with the score but we should have done better.It was a very exciting match . Darren, Paul, Don, Tadgh,Conor Duffy , James Lambe, Philip O Neil. Everybody played great. We would like to thank our Gaelic coach Mr. Wickham and Mr Flattery we hope we win our next match. Wish us LUCK!
Philip O' Neil,Don Cowan,Tadhg McCarthy.

5th Class trip to U C I

5th were at U C I today.We are going to see the little Vampire. some people are not going , but to everybody that is going hope you have a great time.
Graham Renalds, Paul Heaney.

Ireland's Great Chance

Holand VS Ireland the score was 2 all Ireland took on an early lead on Holland and Holland came back to even the score Ireland were lucky to draw with Holland because they are a very hard team to compete with. In Irelands group we had the second hardest team we played are best and pulled it back from one nil to one all with the help of two sub's Damien Duff and Patrick Millholland. scored a great goal and Portugal were stunned.
Steven Bride Passias Lulendo Eoin Mc Mahon

Ballet exams
Some girls in fourth class have ballet exam's in December. It is only on Theatre craft dancing.This form of dance is like hip-hop or jazz ballet. They are all very nervous about this.They all go to Paula Kearns school of dance.They are all hoping they will pass. Ballet is on every Monday at half past four in the school hall.
We wish them all good LUCK in December!
Ciara Fisher & Emma Gargan

Friday the 13th

Last week it was Friday the 13th! It is a bad luck for people who don't know. So think about before you do it. Every foot step every wink. And if you see any black cats run away don't forget open your crisps the right way up. And on your way home from school mind the footpath and the steps you might just fall !
Cathriona Manning, Emma O'Brien.

Road and Halloween Safety

Watch out for car's speeding because the road's are very wet and icy . There was a bad accident in the opening of Belgard road. There were two people killed. So please drive carefully on the roads.Halloween is coming up so be carefully walking around on your own. And walk with friends if you can .If you see anybody with bangers just walk away.Take your pet's into your house ' And of all this have a great time. Happy HOLLOWEEN !
Tom Brophy , Steven Mc Carthy

Class Novel's

This week we got our class novels. Each of the classes go books.Third class got the anaconda from Drumcondra, fourth class got in the deep dark wood,fifth class got Under the hawthorn tree and the silver sword.And sixth class got Goodnight Mister Tom AND The guns of Easter. MS Ryans class brought the books to third, fourth fifth, sixth class. Hope you enjoy reading them!.
David Keogh William Redmond


On the tenth of October Ms Sloane and Ms Walsh classes went swimming Mr Wickham and Ms Mc Greal will be going in about 5 weeks time. For our own safety in the pool we should do not were any jewellery in the pool. There will be no eating on the bus and we hope you have a good time. At the pool there will be three groups 1, 2 and 3. Don't eat to much or you could get sick in the pool.
Kelly Ruane, John Long and Christan Sander.

The Phoenix Youth Band

The Phoenix Youth Band are looking for new people. So you can be a flag twirler or play an instrument. You have eight or over to join. If you want to go on flags come up on Wednesday at 5 o' clock.If you want to go on an instrument come up on Thursday at 6 o' clock. and it is FUN because you can go places.And it is in the hall. So PLEASE join!
Ciara Mahon, Stephen Reinhearth, Conor FaySt. Melruans

Last Sunday St. Melruan's played Terenure

Melruans got off to a great start .When James Lambe hit the post and Philip o' Neil got rebound and scored. A few minutes later Paul Daly took a corner and Philip O Neil hit it with his left foot and scored again. In the second half Darren Murray passed it through to Paul Daly and he scored.Then David Purdy took it around the keeper and scored for Melruans. It was there fourth goal.Then Paul Daly was foul in the box. Then he took a penalty and scored. In the last stages of the match Declan Dunne missed an open goal.St. Melruan's won 5_0.
Paul Daly Darren Murray Dominic Gatelaro


Halloween is here ,
Come on lets cheer,
w'ell go trick or treating,
oh w'ell do some eating
dressing up in mum's old clothes
from head our to our toe's
w'ell go scaring,
while we are wearing,
all are scary clothes
w'ell wear a mask and a hat and some false teeth,
and then we greet our neighbours while they
quiver with fear
hip hip hoer Halloween is here,
and w'ell go home with a bag full of treats
after along night of trick or treats.
Simone Staunton, Christine O' Reilly


Sponsored Super Spell

Watch out next week for news of our annual superspell. It will take place this year from 6th to 17th November. Our Super Spell day will be on Friday 17th November

 This Newsletter was written and edited by 5th Class Children in Mr. Wickham's class.

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