If a black cat crosses your path it is good luck.

If a bad luck to find a baby fox.

It is bad luck to anger a fox.

Dogs stick their heads out car windows becuase they think man these pepole realey stink.

If the first butterfly you see this year is white you will have good luck.

It's lucky to carry a rabbit's foot.

If a money spider runs around your hand in circles you should get money.

If a Dalmation dog cries someone is going to die.

It is bad luck to kill a spider.

If you kill a godshorse it is said to rain.

If a black cat gets run over you will have bad luck.

When you see 13 black cats on Friday 13th it is bad luck.

When you split a wishbone if you get the bigger half you will have good luck

If a black cat walks away from you it's bad luck but if walks towards you its good luck.

If the first butterfly you see in the year is white you will have good luck all year.

If you hear a dog howling at night when somebody is in the house is sick it is bad luck.

To dream of a lizard is a sign you have a secret enemy.

It is very good luck to see lamb in the morning with the sun on its face.
It is good luck to throw a horseshoe over your shoulder.



It is bad luck if a robin flies into your house.

A crowing hen + a black cat is a bad omen.

If a rooster comes to your door expect visitors.

If you see 3 magpies on your left it's bad luck.

If you hear a cuckoo on your right it's good luck.

If you kill a robin you will never have good luck even if you live for 1000 years.

If a water wagtail is near your house it's bad luck.

If you meet a magpie it's bad luck.

If a magpie comes to your door + looks at you will die.

If you see a magpie on its own, with no other magpies near it, it is bad luck.

Magpies:1 for sorrow 2 for joy 3 for a girl and 4 for a boy 5 for silver

6 for gold 7 for a secret never to be told 8 for wish 9 is a kiss

10 is a bird you just can't miss.

If a bird goes to the toilet on you it is good luck

If a bird flies through your house it indacates important news, if it can't get out the news will be death

If a magpie comes to your front door and looked at you this signals death and can not be averted.

If 2 birds fly into your home it is good luck.
If you see two robins it is bad luck.


It's lucky to wear green on st patricks day.

If you put on your jumper inside out it's bad luck to change it.

If you put your jumper on back to front you can make a wish.

On a bride's wedding day she is supposed to wear some thing

old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Bad luck to wear green.

Never leave good shoes on the table or you will have bad luck.

If you buy a new piece of clothing and you put it on when

when you get fat you are supposed to be able to make a wish and it will come true.




If you step into a fairyring, the fairys will take you away with them.

It is bad luck to knock down a fairy fort.

People used to dress baby boys in girls' dresses in case the fairies

would take them.

If you take your new born baby home for the first time you are to put

flowers under his/her cot.

On May day if you were to finish building your new house you have to

throw May day flowers in the porch.

On the 1st of May farmers paint their milk buckets because

the fairies are supposed to turn your milk sour.

On 1st of May throw May flowers on the roof of your house to keep the Fairies away.

If you hear a Banshee cry someone local is going to die.

If you hear a fairy bell ring it means someones in the family is going to die!

If your child is not baptised, they are easy candidate to be snatched by a fairy

To avoid a child being seized, the childs parents must tie a little bit of salt up in the babies dress, before laying it down to sleep

Another method to stop a child been seized is to hang a pair of scissors above the childs bed, or to cover the child with some article of clothing that belongs to the father

Humans use fire to protect themselves from fairy magic, because only humans have the power to overcome and control the flames of fire. If a ring of fire is made round cattle or a child's cradle or if fire is placed under the churn, the fairies have no power to harm nor steal the child.





A pregnant woman is not allowed to go to a funeral or see a dead corpse

On the wake of the persons furenal it is bad luck to have the pictures of anybody because the dead person can take their soul.

It is bad luck if a bride sees her future husband before their marriage.

If you missed a plot at sowing the corn, it is said to fortell death.

Bad luck to whistle or sing before breakfast.

Two spoons in a cup fortells a christening.

When someone gets the loan of salt, they take away your luck

On a wedding the bride has to wear something borrowed, something new, something old and something blue.




Some people wont buy a green car.

It is bad luck to live in miami and lose a race 3 times in a row.

You should never start a trip on a Friday and if you do you will meet misfortune

People that go under the of mc evoy is to here the Banshee calling before someone dies.

A women with red hair is meant to be good luck.

It is said that if there is three wakes in fatima all in the one week there will only be one wake.

If twins arrive on your door and they have red hair it is bad luck.

When a child is born with red eyes and she will be a bully in school. They are supposed to be devil children.

Have some red in the kitchen for bad luck.

It's good luck to buy a new car or start a job on Friday.

Two people washing their hands in the same sink at the same time means disaster.

Handing someone a knife is bad luck.

Nevr take a broom along with you if you move house throw it out and but a new one.

Never open an umbrella in the house.

You must never walk under a ladder.

It is bad luck for a fisherman to keep the first salmon of the season.

A broken mirror means seventeen years of bad luck.

It is unlucky to accept a lock of hair from a lover.

If your palm itches you will soon receive money,

If you scratch it the money will never come.

It is bad luck to marry a fat man or women.

Your godparents are supposed to be able to cure you from the whoping cough by tying a red ribbon around your neck, you leave the ribbon on your neck until your whoping cough is cured.



On palm Sunday you are meant to get fresh palm and put it under your bed and it will keep you safe.

At Christmas you're meant to get straw from the floor of a crib and put in your purse and it will keep you safe.

Its good luck to find a four leaf clover.




Friday the 13th is said to be bad luck.



A dead hand is believed to cure all diseases.

The corner of a sheet that was wrapped around a corpse is a cure for a headache.

If anyone stumbles at a grave it's a bad omen if they fall at a grave they will die.

If you meet a furneral you must walk back 2 steps with the mourners.

If a mag pie comes to your door and looks at you you will die with in the next 24 hours.












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