E–mail to Santa 2000

Mr. T. Murphy's Second/Third Class

We sent e–mail to Santa and his elves. We each sent one and Santa sent an e–mail back to us.

Here is what we sent and what Santa replied.

dear  santa can i have  a suspension bike and remote control car, head racer and a pokedex. my Name is Martin. I am 8.  I like reindeers and I  like  santa  and ilik elfe and  the   miss  i  will  leave you  drinks and cookies. i help my mother wash  the dishes. And  i made a crib for my mammy. Please could you please leave me a nice surprise and something nice for my mammy.

Dear Martin,

It was really great of you to send me an E-Mail message instead of a hand written one, I really appreciate it.  I read your message and I love the idea that you want something for your Mammy.  I'll try as hard as I can to get you what you want.  But the true meaning of Christmas is to be with your family and the ones you love and to be giving to others.  But, you
already know that because you want a gift for someone besides yourself.

You're a great kid, and keep helping your mom.  Again, I'll try to get you
and your Mammy what you want.

Santa Claus

P.S. I love cookies!

dear santa  can I   have  a    jumping car  and  a   pokedex       and  four  wrestlers   and   a    ring  sean

Dear Sean,
I am very excited to receive a letter from you this year.  I hope you have been a good boy this year.   A lot of people are asking for the jumping cars, so I don't know if my elves will be able to make enough for everyone, but I will try my hardest.  Your teacher Mr. Murphy told me you're doing good in school and I am very proud of you so keep up the hard dedicated work.  I hope you have a good Christmas.



P.S. Be good for your parents and your teacher.

dear     santa          could     you   please   take      me     the   presents which Imwould like.  The     presents   that     i   would  like   are      
  1. Scooter 2000
  2. I  racer     vertualrealiy         helmet   
  3. action   man
  4. metad           detectoer
  5. guess      who
  6. hyper strike
  7. Who wants to be a millionaire (board game)
  8. And a sur[rise.

Thank you Santa and I love you

From your loving friend Conor.

Dear Conor,

I'm glad I got a letter from you, many people have sent letters.  I can't promise that you will get everything that you want but I'm trying to get as many as I can. Don't forget to wear knee pads and a helmet if you get a scooter!  My elves are very busy and are working hard.  We are looking forward to relaxing in January for a few weeks!  I hear you are
doing great in school, keep up the good work.


PS. I know everything that you do so be a good boy.

dear santa

would you please leave me a mobile  phone and a action man and a wwf  wrestler and a surprise for gerard mc d  too.

I live in kilkurry, near Dundalk, Ireland. i have 3 brothers  and1 sisters  I am 8 years old.and a digivoice  i help my mother clean the delph santa  and the map of ireland

Thank you Santa

Dear Gerard
Thank you for writing to me. It is hard to figure out what every one wants if they don't leave a list. I'll try hard to leave you everything you named.
Make sure you keep helping your mother. As long as your a good boy I'll try my best to make your Christmas a great one, hohoho. Well I have to answer plenty more letters so have a Merry Christmas hohoho.

Dear santa

I LOVE  THE  TOYS  you Give  me  last  year will       you   plase   Bring   me   A   suspension bike  a  chain  a   action man  a        few   wrestlers     a  few   games  thank   you           brian         turley

i am  7    years  old   i have  one brother and  one sister i  live  in  Dundalk.

I got in trouble today because I kicked Kieron.

 Dear Brian,

It was very nice to hear from you and I'm really glad you liked the
presents I gave you last year.  The elves have been busy making treats and
gifts for you and all of your friends. Don't forget that the presents are
only a bonus and that Christmas is really about being with your mum and dad.

I especially like the idea that you and your friends decided to
e-mail me, because handwritten letters can be hard to read.  Also don't
forget to be good for next Christmas, and always do what Mr. Murphy, and
your mum and dad say.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Santa, Mrs. Claus, all the Elves, and Roudoph

dear   santa  claus  this  is   what  i   wouid   like   a   pokemon  2   pack    pokemon   3   pack  assortment   pokemon   bumper    lockdown    pack    pokemon   pokedex   pokemon   skatbourd   with   safty   gear   pokemon   c   watch     pokemon     talking   slammers   digimon   digi   battle    card    game      digimon     digivolve     figure      digimon    electronic    digivice    strech   arm  stronstrong    power   ranger  armered   ranger   deluxe    megazord  crazy   dancer   car   x   treme   cycle  atv   quad   bike   hydro  strike  playstation2  game   boy   color  pokemon   yellow.  

have  a   good   christmas   santa  claus   i   love   you   thank  you   for   all   the   lovely   toys   last    year   i   love    you    merry    christmas    and   a   happy   new  year   love   darragh.  

Dear Darragh,

I  really enjoyed your letter. If you want a good gift you should be good for Mr. Murphy,and your parents. You should also remember that Christmas isn't just about getting gifts, but giving and being happy that your with family and friends. I will try to get you a good present.

Love,Santa Claus

P.S. Don't forget that I'm watching you so be nice, and don't for get to leave me out some cookies.And if you can find your way come visit me in the

Dear   santa

im  writing   a  Letter   to   you

my   name  is  pauric

i  live  in  Dundalk

i  am  going   to  be  very  good   from  now  on   and   ill   be  in  bed  early  on  christmas  eve

im   7  year  old

i   will  leave   you   out   a  drink  and   biscuits  and   i   will   leave     youre   reindeers  some  carates   and   a   drink  

man  united   bike

sweets   and  scrambiler

and  digimon  digivolve  figures

thank  you

love   pauric

Dear Pauric,
I'm glad you wrote to me.  I will try my hardest to get you everything you want and make you happy.  Thank you for thinking of me and my reindeer.  For you to get everything you want you must be a good boy all year around, get good grades in school, and be good for your teachers.
Also you must be nice to everyone and don't make fun of people.  Like I said I will get you what ever I  can get you and I will try my hardest.

Love your friend,

dear  santa

my  name  is  francie  i  am  8  year.

i  live  in  dundalk  my  mammy  got  my  chimmney  cleaned  for  you

i  got  lovely  gifts  last  year

thank  you  very  much.

i  would  like  a  car  racer

actiod  man  and  a aeroplane  with  dinkeys i  would  also  like  an  aeroplane  garage.

a  pokedex  and  a  surise.  i  will  be  very  good  boy.

and  i  would  go  to  bed  early. 

I will leave you biscuits and milk and I will slso leave food for the reindeer.


Dear Francie,

Thank you for the wonderful Christmas list.  It is snowing a lot here at the North Pole.  We have like four feet of snow, but I will be able to give you gifts.  I will try to give you most of the things you have asked for this year.  I have heard that you have been a very good boy this year.  My reindeer told me that you are very nice to your teachers and other students.  Christmas is not always about getting presents, but being with your family and friends.  I bet your biscuits will be good.  I will see you on Christmas.

Love from,

dear  santa  for  Christmas   i would  like   a  ps2  and  2  games  thank you  for  all  the  toys i  got  for  Christmas  and  I  would  like  A Bike to .   I love  you very   much  From  Niall  I  live  in  Dundalk  one  question  how  do  you    get  elves  as  workers .

I  am  7in a half  years old.

i  have  1 Brother 

helped  my  mam  work .

goodbye.   Niall.

Dear Niall,

Thank you for the great letter. This is a great Christmas list but some of the items are hard to get this year because everyone wants the same
things. This holiday isn't really just to receive its really to give. I see this year you have been very good in and out of school. I will try my best to get you those presents. The elves I have had since the first Christmas are the elves that are still here.


i      like      my      own    favourite    toys    and     i   am  very good. and I like Santa.

Please bring me a surprise, Santa. My brother is Robert and he is my twin .


Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your letter Andrew. So you want a surprise for you and  your brother? I'm glad that you like your toys. You are a very good boy. I will try to give you everything that you want just keep being good and I will go to your house on Christmas Eve and bring something for you and Robert. I will always be watching you. Just keep believing in me. Have a very Merry Christmas.



Dear Santa.

Here is the list i want for christmas a pokemon chocolate maker and the new lego i aiso like a gangarine and a digivoice and a whack attack.

I want to say thankyou for all the toys you i got for christmas.Santa you know that i was helping my mam with my baby brother caolán.

                                              ALL MY LOVE LIAM C.

Dear Liam,

I received the letter you emailed me.  I will try my best to give you everything that you asked for however, I can't promise that I will be able to bring you everything you asked for. I am sure you will like whatever I bring. I am glad to hear you have helped your mother with Caolón.  That's the way we keep Christmas with us all year.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Your Friend,

PS - Tell Caolón I will try to bring him something nice, too.

dear santy thank you for all the toys i got lasty year

i was very good all the year i hope you will leave me a nextra suripse thank you santa

my name is robert

Dear Robert, I was so glad to get your letter. I am glad you liked the toys I left for you last year. I know you have been a good boy again this year and I am sure I will find some special suprises this year, too. Remember to be a good boy all year and get to bed early on CHristmas Eve. Love, Santa

Santa list could I have mind stormos with a pc please and a super rebound please and a afxvertirs please and a super construction play set from blue box please and a pokedex please and a spiderman web blaster please and a on tour drum set please and

nothing else

signid michael m, dundalk county louth Ireland. i am 8 years old . I help my teacher arond the class.

Dear Michael, I will try very hard to give you what you want. I'm very pleased to know that you help your teacher around in the classroom. You just remember to keep being very good and maybe you will get everything you want.

Remember Christmas isn't about getting all the toys you want it's about being kind to your friends, and family. I hope you are getting good grades you should, I know that you are very smart. I will make a stop to your house on Christmas Eve whether I can give you everything you want I'm not sure. Just keep believing in me and you will be very pleased on what you get.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Love Your Friend, Santa Claus


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