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Facts about Kenya

This page has been written by 4th Class NDNSP. They put questions for P6 in Gilnahirk Primary on the NINE website and these are the answers to the questions.

Jambo is Hello in Swahili which is the language spoken in Kenya.

In Narobi, Kenya, they have the same pizza and hamburger places as we have.

There are lots of skyscrapers in Kenya.

The top fifth of the people in Kenya earn 20 times more money than the bottom fifth people in Kenya.

Mount Kenya is the largest mountain in Kenya and Mount Kilamanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa.

There are probably more buses in Nairobi than there are in Belfast.

Cillian, in the NDNSP, went to Kenya and he said that the ground looked quite yellow.

Kenya has lots of modern buildings.

Most people in Kenya are either very rich or very poor. There aren't many people in the middle.

There are lots of shops that sell computers, games, videos, dvd's and things like that in Kenya.

The capital of Kenya is Nairobi.

Swahili is the language spoken in Kenya.

Kenya is developing very fast and is one of the most important countries in Africa. Everybody in Kenya is not very poor.

About 97 per cent of Kenya's people are Africans and 30 per cent of people in Kenya can now read and write.

There are rich and poor people in Kenya.

Here is a Kenyan song.


Jambno buana

Habari gani

Mussuri sana


Mo kari bishwa

Kena yeytu

Hakunu matata

Kappa kenya yeytu

Hakuna matata

Kappa kena yeeytu

Hakuna Matata

They use schillings and dollars in Kenya.

Parts of Nairobi are as modern as Belfast and Dublin.

Kenya is famous for many safari parks.

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya.

Kenya's official name is The Republic of Kenya.

Masai is the name of a group of people who live in Kenya.

Kenya is not the biggest country in Africa. We think Niger might be the biggest country in Afria.

The population of Kenya is 29.4 million.

There are not only mud huts and grasslands in Kenya. There are also large cities.

Asante means goodbye in Swahili.

The area of Kenya is 582,646 sq klm.

Kenya was a British colony from 1895 to 1963.

There is a dish that they eat in Kenya called 'egain'. It is a maize dish.

The main cities in Kenya are: Nairobi (the capital), Mombassa, Kisumu, Eldorte, Nakuru.

There are giraffes, elephants, leopards, rhinos, buffalo, lions and cheetahs in Africa.

In Africa there is a place called Shelbyville.

There are lots of schools in Kenya.

There are cars in Kenya.

This project is being managed by Mandy McClune and Alan Boyd in Belfast and Jennifer O'Connell in Dublin.

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