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Building Regulations

Building Regulations are set out by the government to ensure that each house built in Ireland is to a minimum standard that has to be complied to. The regulations apply to the manufacture of products and service and the use of the product by the consumer. Standards are set out to protect work environments and the quality of goods. 

Below you will find example’s of what building regulations will require of you as a self builder, but as each project is different do consult your qualified architect or engineer about what effects this would have on your build and make sure that they are adhered to and kept by the contractors.

Building Regulation 1997 came to effect on 1st of July 1998 and comprises a set of legal requirements which are addressed below:


Part A

Fire Safety

Part B

Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture

Part C

Material and Workmanship

Part D


Part E


Part F


Part G

Drainage and Waste Water Disposal

Part H

Heat Producing Appliances

Part J

Stairways, Ladders, Ramps and Guards

Part K

Conservation of Fuel and Energy

Part L

Access for Disabled People

Part M

The technical Guidance on how to comply with the above can be obtained from your local planning office.

The responsibility of compliance of Building Regulation rests with the designers, contractors and home owners. The Building Control Authority have the power to check and inspect any building and it’s documentation and if not in order they also have the power to prosecute with a possibility of penalties including fines and imprisonment

Tip; Radon Gas is a very important factor that you have to look into and make sure all percussion’s are taken according to Building Regulation’s.

Tip; If building Regulations are not adhered to and you come to sell your house you will have difficulties satisfying the purchaser’s






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