Megalithic art studies by N.L. Thomas

The books of N.L. Thomas [1988] and [2000] deciphers megalithic art.


He found evidence on 16 months a year and four weeks of 5 days plus a few days is a month. There seem to be good examples in the art (one at Knowth and one at Loughcrew) and some monuments like: Stonehenge, Mount Pleasant, Stanton Drew, Woodhenge and Durrington Walls.

Motifs and symbols

The symbols that are used can be seen in the following table (K: Knowth site 1 and the examples are somewhat adjusted)

Interesting issues

He uses almost always copies of stone renderings made by Brennan and photographs of Eogan. The renderings on page 38 and page 43 (see below) are slighted changed.


The megalithic art on the stones are telling stories towards the people that can read them. The following themes concerning the depicted compositions are described:

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