Some of the sounds of the Fire Service.



Firefighters Pagers:


  (Click on pager to hear alert tone.)


These are the signals which activate the pagers. They are sent out from the paging system in the Fire Station, and are normally controlled by the Fire Control Centre but can also be set off manually from the Fire Station.

 Fire Siren: 


     (Click on picture to hear siren. File size 420Kb 20 seconds)



This is the sound which calls the Firefighters into action. There are several types of pager in use, with models from Motorola and Scope.  


Pager Carrier Tones


                           (Click on pager to hear carrier tone.)


The Siren is located on top of the Fire Station and is sounded for every call, day or night. The siren sounds at the same time as the crew pagers go off (actually, slightly before). This has a dual purpose, it acts as a backup to the paging system, as well as warning the town that the Fire Brigade has been called out. It is an old WWII Carter Air-Raid siren and is very powerful. On a clear day it can be heard several miles from town.