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Welcome to the Fleming Family web site!

This branch of the Fleming Family is currently based in Dublin, Ireland, with known branches spreading around Ireland, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zeland.

So far, we have confirmed records dating from 1848 on the Gaynor/Murphy side of the family and back to 1877 on the Fleming side, with more than 180 people and over 40 families featured.

We are, of course, very anxious to trace back [and foward] from here. If you can help, please e-Mail me at dfleming@iol.ie. Please read some guidelines for submissions.

View a brief family history and coat of arms.


The site is designed so that you can browse through the various  individuals from the Index page - this is probably the ideal starting point.

The TimeLine allows you to view the chronological progress by decade, starting with 1800.

Recent Updates is a great time saver, leading you directly to updated material.

For more detailed instructions, please go to the help page.

You might be interested to learn something more about genealogical research or do some hunting of your own. The links page will get you started.

Estimation of dates

During the course of my research, I have endeavoured to be consistent in my estimation of unavailable dates.

I have made the following assumptions:

1. Wife would be 5 years younger than husband.

2. Male marriage at 30 years of age

3. Female marriage at 25 years of age.

4. First child born 2 years after marriage.

5. Following children born at 2 year intervals.

These rules are occasionally broken when I have anecdotal evidence to the contrary.


My rule is that sensitive data is not published.

Some people believe that data on living people should be suppressed. I currently believe that it's inclusion allows people to see where they fit in the scheme of things.

If you wish to suppress or correct any data, please do contact me immediately. I do not wish to mis-represent or offend anyone. The compilation of this data is a labour of love and should stand as a useful document for future generations. But everyone has a right to privacy, which I am only too happy to uphold.

Any suggestions for extra information or altered layout will be welcome at dfleming@iol.ie

I hope you enjoy this stroll through this site.

Dave Fleming

Dublin, Ireland.

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