bulletsml.gif (1385 bytes)CROSSCARE - An Overview

CROSSCARE initiates, delivers and supports social programmes for the most disadvantaged groups mainly in Dublin and adjacent areas.
Food Centres, the Dublin Food Bank, Clothing, CentreCare, Community Development, Community Education, Drugs Awareness, Emigrant Advice, Mater Dei Counselling Service and Teen Counselling, a Hostel for Boys, and programmes for the Elderly and their Carers and for the Travelling People.

Founded in 1941 (as the ‘Catholic Social Service Conference’) CROSSCARE is the social care agency of the Archdiocese of Dublin. The responsibility for the agency is vested in its Council which is appointed by the Archbishop, and the total staff complement, including the different programmes, comprises some seventy employees. The agency and its programmes are supported by expert voluntary participation.

The work of CROSSCARE reaches out into the parishes of the diocese by promoting local community development with a particular focus on the needs of the unemployed. In addition, CROSSCARE contributes to public awareness through research, comment, submissions to government and the provision of educational materials.

CROSSCARE has a video that gives a very good overview of our work. We hope it will be used extensively in parishes and schools. It comes complete with some helpful hints for use in group discussion.