Limes & Lemons as Home Remedies
by Dr. Randolph Stone, D.O, D.C.
"I go with what nature verifies."

Limes and lemons are so much alike that we speak
of them as having the same value. Most citrus fruits
(limes, lemons, grapefruit and oranges) aid oxidation
and elimination by the stored-up airy energy in their
air-tight compartments. Vitamin C and calcium are their
main contributions as food values. The lime and the lemon
are particularly valuable for these factors, plus the new
vitamin P which is found in them.

The airy element in this citrus fruit is so active that
its uses and benefits are limitless when used with
understanding. Limes and lemons play an important
part in aiding digestion of protein foods, especially when
used in combination with fresh papaya. Citrus fruit also
changes the over-acid condition of the body to an alkaline
one by its heavy fruit calcium contents, which supply the
bones, teeth, blood and nervous system with calcium and

Because of this, these citrus juices are a great aid to
nervous persons, and are used in neurasthenia with
fine results. Citrus juices relieve and prevent nervous
indigestion and halitosis (bad breath) due to upset
digestion. Actors and business and professional people
find the lime and lemon a great help to keep their breath
sweet by drinking the juice of either, sweetened with honey
and diluted with water, before or between meals and before
retiring. This is also good for sore throats and colds,
especially if pineapple juice is added to it. Lemon or
lime juice is a great remedy for asthma, by using two
tablespoonfuls before each meal and before retiring --
in addition to a starch-free and milk-free diet.

Lemon juice also has an antiseptic value and a healing
and dissolving effect on abnormal tissues. When mixed
with almond or olive oil, it is a wonderful remedy for
eczema, applied externally and used internally as well.
In bad cases of eczema, use a starchless, all fruit diet,
including the lemon and oil internally and apply the
lemon and fresh pineapple juice externally every hour
until cured.

Athlete's foot yields quickly to the application of lemon
juice, especially when combined with fresh papaya juice.
The dissolving effect of lemon juice has been shown
also in cataracts, by putting several drops of a solution
made up of equal parts of lemon juice and distilled
water in the affected eye or eyes three times daily.

For pyorrhea, a combination of lemon juice and table
salt rubbed into the gums several times daily has given
excellent results after other remedies had failed. This
also cleanses and whitens discoloured teeth. Felons (a
pus-filled infection near the nail or the end of a toe or
finger) are dissolved by inserting the inflamed finger
or toe into a half of a lemon over night and cleaning
it up in the morning.

Erysipelas, considered a highly infectious skin disease,
yields nicely to lemon juice compresses, and is healed
in this simple way after all the drugs have failed to
give relief.

Coughs and colds are helped by lemon juice, especially
when mixed with honey, some garlic and fresh pineapple
juice. If the fresh pineapple juice is not available, the
canned will do. The mixture is even effective without
the pineapple juice, but the addition of the pineapple
juice yields quicker results. This is a wonderful remedy
even in diphtheria and other throat conditions. For
diphtheria the lemons can also be roasted until they
crack open, then extract the juice and mix it with the
above ingredients to dissolve the stringy mucous in the
throat so that it can be expectorated by the patient.
It would also be helpful for the patient to gargle some
of this mixture every hour or so, until relieved. In
biliousness, influenza, jaundice, and the after effects
of over-indulgence, (hangover, whether from too much
food or drink) there is nothing like lemon juice and
a fruit diet to clear it up.

Alcoholism and the tobacco habit can be overcome easily,
by sucking a lemon whenever the desire to indulge is active.
This is not only a perfect substitute but is also a builder
and replacer of the lost phosphates, calcium, and vitamins
needed to balance the system. Abstinence from meat, fish,
eggs, and heavily spiced foods, as well as maintaining a
rational nourishing diet, must accompany the cure. Any
determined patient can be cured by this method in a
month or more.

For wrinkles and lines under the eyes there is nothing
better than a mixture of lemon juice and olive or almond
oil, gently massaged from under the outer corner of the
eye, inward, toward the nose; also, from the same outer
corner of the eye in an upward diagonal direction. This
same mixture is also excellent for the scalp and for
treating any scalp infection.

To keep joints and feet pliant, especially for dancers
and artists, there is nothing better than to rub them
with equal parts of oil and lemon juice.

For rheumatism and arthritis, take the juice of half a
lemon before each meal and before retiring and adhere
to a strictly vegetarian, non-starch diet for this

In chills, fever, headaches, use the fresh lemon with
clover or alfalfa tea freely and abstain from food until
these symptoms disappear.

For dropsy and cirrhosis of the liver, peel the lemon,
cut it up, cover it with honey and eat it. Start with
one lemon a day and go as high as ten a day by adding
one each day, until improved then work backwards down
to one a day. One should remain on a fruit and juice
diet while on this procedure.

For fatigue and thirst quenching, the lemon and alfalfa
tea is good. Or suck a lemon when exhausted or thirsty.
It is far better than the vinegar and water drink used
for that purpose in hot climates.

Diarrhea -- whether the patient is young or old -- can
be overcome by the use of apple pulp mixed with lemon
juice and a little honey and powdered cinnamon sprinkled
on the mixture.

For piles, go on a fruit and vegetable diet, taking no
water. One-half cupful of warm olive or suitable vegetable
oil, mixed with one-half cupful of strained lemon juice,
should be injected into the rectum at night and retained
over night or as long as possible. The patient can wear
a pad and protect the mattress with a rubber or plastic

To reduce swelling, whether it is of the throat or
enlarged breasts, use lemon juice compresses. For the
compresses, one may dilute the lemon juice with equal
parts of cold water.

In cosmetics and beauty treatment, the lemon is of great
value, whether it be for a hair rinse, for reducing
enlarged pores or for whitening and softening the skin.
It is of great help in removing objectionable odors from
the hands such as after peeling onions or garlic, and is
also a stain remover, for such as fruit stains. For the
hands, simply take the rind of the lemon after the juice
has been squeezed out and rub the fingers and hands with
the remaining pulp.

Lemon and oil sniffed up through the nose is a great
cleanser of the nasal passages. This will also clear
up adenoids.

For constipation take a mixture of half a cupful of
lemon juice with half a cupful of olive, almond, or
sesame oil four times a day, until the bowels move.

For poultices on boils, abscesses and skin eruptions,
apply the pulp of the lemon, and take the juice with
the oil internally also.

As a gargle for sore throat, use lemon and oil, and
take it internally also.

For vaginal hygiene and leucorrhea, lemon juice in
water, in varying amounts, will be most helpful to
relaxed or irritated tissue.

The skin of the lemon is a flavour delicacy. Grated
or chopped fine, it can be added to salads, baked
goods, and puddings.
Even marmalade is made from the citrus fruits. Some
seagoing veterans have even used marmalade made from
lemon or orange to counteract seasickness.

Moth repellent -- Use ripe lemons into which cloves
have been stuck to make them look like brown balls of
cloves. Put them around in clothes closets and in the
pockets of the clothes. They will dry and leave a fine
fragrance as well as prevent the moths from getting .
near them.

Please note: Wherever almond oil is not available,
olive oil or sesame seed oil will do nicely when it
is to be taken by mouth; otherwise, even cottonseed
oil or other vegetable oils may be substituted for
external use and for the rectal injection. Only in
cases of severe enteritis and colitis is the healing
effect of the almond oil preferred, along with the
lemon, as a treatment.

This article is excerpted from: Health Building by
Dr. Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C.. Reprinted with permission
of CRCS Publications, Sebastopol, California 95472.

About The Author

Dr. Randolph Stone is the founder of Polarity Therapy.
He emigrated to America as a youngster around 1898.
He completed his primary medical certifications in the early
1920s, including DO, DC and ND. Dr. Stone maintained a
medical practice for over 50 years in Chicago and
developed a reputation for his willingness to work
with "hopeless cases" who often responded to his
unconventional approaches which incorporated techniques
from around the world. Dr. Stone retired in 1974, at the
age of 84. He moved to India where he lived in a
meditation community and offered free services in a
public clinic. He gradually withdrew from public life,
eventually passing on peacefully in December 1981 at
age 91, of natural causes.

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